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We seek to provide simple, useful and cost effective services that help people to unlock the potential of hazzle free computing and e - business solutions.

To achieve this purpose we hold the following core values

The Internet is the greatest agent for positive change the world has ever seen.People find the Internet complex and confusing so we work to make things simple and reliable.Innovation and creativity are found in every employee, customer and partner we have.

Agile Design and Development Processes

The company organizes its product management, technical development, and operational teams using "scrum" and other agile development techniques that emphasizes team-based, collaborative and iterative approaches product development and operation.Agile processes greatly increases our ability to get new ideas to the market and also limiting the chances of creating services and features that are of no interest to end-users. Such processes also increase productivity by empowering small groups of developers to have a great amount of control over their projects with minimal need for oversight and top-down control.

Work Culture

Our principles guide our everyday actions: to work as a team; to exceed the expectations of our customers; and to deliver the highest quality of standards in every aspect of our business. A mix of people with different skill sets, different work experiences, from all over the world and right next-door. Our success is the sum total of our efforts and our services.


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